FCC Announces Next Steps to Accelerate Deployment of 5G Based on Indiana Legislation

Posted by: Evan Swartzrauber  | September 10, 2018

Last week, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr announced the FCC’s proposal to expand 5G investment across the country at the State House. Also in attendance were U.S. Sen. Todd Young, U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks, Indiana Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kevin Brinegar and TechPoint President and CEO Mike Langellier.

Carr unveiled a proposal to cut costs and streamline approval periods for small cells — the physical building blocks of 5G. This proposal is modeled after Indiana's small cell legislation passed by the General Assembly in 2017.

Small cells, most of which are the size of small backpacks, are usually attached to existing structures, like light poles or buildings.

Since enacting small cell legislation, our state has seen outsized investment from wireless providers. Two of the largest wireless providers announced that 5G-capable service will go live in Indianapolis this year, making our city home to the most intensive 5G investment in America. In total, providers have built more than 1,000 small cells in 30 communities across the Hoosier state.

Carr’s plan is set to be voted on at the FCC’s Sept. 25 Open Meeting.

In 2017, we made common-sense changes in our state law to encourage wireless investment, and those efforts are paying off in a tremendous way. This new technology is going to change our world significantly, and I believe Carr’s proposal will have the same positive effect on the rest of the nation.

For the full text of the original press release, click here.


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