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Telehealth Operations Module

This module will address topics related to how a telemedicine service is established or developed and operated. In particular, it will focus on medical specialty consultation services provided via telemedicine where a medical specialist in any of a variety of fields from allergy and asthma to urology is involved with examining, diagnosing and treating a patient at another geographic location. Telemedicine is just one of several aspects of telehealth. If you are interested in home telehealth services, such as home monitoring, using telehealth technologies for distance learning or training, teleradiology, remote ICU services, telepharmacy, school based services or other types of services not listed here, you will need to consult other modules.

This module is intended to address the concerns and questions of organizations and providers who are interested in offering telemedicine services either within their own organization, to other medical care settings or even to individual patients. It is not intended to provide information to assist those who may be seeking health care via telemedicine.

This module is intended to provide assistance to those who are interested in establishing and operating telemedicine services for specialty consultations and direct patient care services, such as psychiatric evaluations, remote infectious disease evaluation and diagnosis, review and evaluation of pediatric echocardiograms, evaluation and treatment of skin conditions, genetic counseling, psychiatric medication management, to name but a few examples. The module will provide information about how to determine what kinds of services can be offered, how to obtain the support of a parent organization, how to organize the service within the parent organization, how to establish remote sites where patients are seen, how to execute the consultation process and how to maintain and improve the quality of that process.

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