An Abundance of Showers

As we enter the month of April, many of us look for the cleansing showers that will result in nature coming back to life with green grass and a wild variety of flowers blooming and ushering us into May.  With each new rainstorm, I hope that it helps to cleanse and refresh each of us during these troubling times.  Here in Indiana, models are predicting the surge of the COVID-19 cases to hit around mid-April.  We applaud those of you on the front line of this pandemic – healthcare providers, grocery store employees, restaurant workers, and truck drivers.  It is our reverent hope that the great efforts we are seeing in fighting this disease bring us together as Americans, and a new era of prosperity.   

The tsunami of requests for information on telehealth continues here at the UMTRC as we do our best to answer all of your questions.  Below you will find information for all of our webinars and Virtual Office Hours we are putting together for the month of April, while continuing to educate ourselves with the regulatory changes and waivers that are still occurring.  We continue to update the new UMTRC COVID-19 resource page with links to Medicare and state Medicaid guidelines and executive orders in our region of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.  Please join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn to receive updates on our new resources. 

 Please be advised that UMTRC only provides guidance on billing issues based on experience, anecdotal information we have heard in the field, and through research.  Following our advice does not guarantee payment.  We always recommend you check with the payer (or your Medicare Administrative Contractor) to verify UMTRC’s information.

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COVID-19 Resources

The UMTRC team has been compiling COVID-19 resources for the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, as well as national resources from CMS, HRSA, SAMSHA, and others.  We will continue to update the website as more information becomes available.  Please check this site regularly during this unprecedented pandemic. 

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Upcoming Webinars

“Technical Assistance for the Enhanced Delivery of DSMES Services via Telehealth”
April 9, 2020 @ 12:00pm EST
Hosted by: UMTRC & ISDH Collaborative Webinar 
Presented by: Tony Song, CEO, Diabetes Care Partners. Los Angeles, CA.     

Tony Song is CEO and President of Diabetes Care Partners, the award-winning, nationally recognized diabetes solutions organization that provides all aspects of diabetes management in an effort to enhance the quality of patient's lives. Tony will share his experiences, successes, and challenges and give helpful tips on how to develop and expand a DSMES telehealth program from his perspective.

"Starting a Telemedicine Program During the COVID-19 Pandemic" 
April 10, 2020 @11:00am Eastern
Hosted by: Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center
Presented by: Becky Sanders, MBA

 This webinar will provide basic information on telehealth and telemedicine to those who are unfamiliar with this modality.  We will review resources available on the UMTRC website to get your program started, as well as guidelines for a work-plan and tips on website etiquette.

“Controlled Substances and Telehealth: Updates for the Current Pandemic”
April 15, 2020 @12:00pm EST
Hosted by: Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center
Presented by: Becky Sanders, MBA and Amnah Anwar, MPH, MBBS

Join us to learn:
- How telehealth has changed during the coronavirus pandemic
- Updates to DEA controlled substance laws
- Federal and state waivers for healthcare providers

“Culture of Telemedicine”
April 28, 2020 @ 1:00pm EST 
Hosted by: Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center
Presented by: Becky Sanders, MBA 

How is telemedicine different from an in-person clinical healthcare session? Join us for a step-by-step journey to define, plan, implement and monitor the outcomes of a telemedicine program.


Virtual Office Hours

The UMTRC will hold several topic-based Virtual Office Hours this month. 
Bring a cup of coffee and join us for an informal discussion. 

Our April Virtual Office Hours will be:  

April 14 @ 11:00am – “Consent forms & documentation”

April 17 @ 11:00am - “State Telemedicine Waivers for COVID-19 for IL, IN, MI, and OH”

April 21 @ 1:00pm -  “Video Etiquette”

April 30 @ 11:00am – “Medicare Telehealth Billing”


UMTRC Stakeholder Calls

As part of our outreach efforts, the UMTRC has hosted virtual stakeholder calls with each state in our region every 4th month for the last several years.  Beginning in 2020, these calls will be hosted quarterly and will include all states (IL, IN, MI, and OH).  

Here is the 2020 stakeholder call schedule: 

April 15th, from 2-3pm Eastern 

July 22nd, from 2-3pm Eastern 

October 21st, from 2-3pm Eastern


Upcoming In-Person Events

*UMTRC is monitoring COVID-19 and will notify registrants if there are any changes to in-person events*

UMTRC 2020 Annual Conference
"Defining Your Telehealth Strategy"
July 14-15, 2020

South Bend, Indiana

We are back in South Bend again this year - home to St. Mary’s College and Notre Dame.  South Bend is located in north central, Indiana and central to the UMTRC states of Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. Join us for a jam packed couple of days as the UMTRC brings speakers from across the country to help your organization to develop your telehealth strategy. The conference will start off on Tuesday morning with a telehealth 101 session at 10am.  With a total of 3 keynotes, 12 breakouts, and individual state networking sessions, this is a telehealth conference you do not want to miss!




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This project is/was supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under cooperative agreement number G22RH3051 under the Telehealth Resource Center Grant Program for $325,000. This information or content and conclusions are those of the author and should not be construed as the official position or policy of, nor should any endorsements be inferred by HRSA, HHS or the U.S. Government.



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