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It’s so hard to believe that summer is nearing the halfway point for many students who normally return to their classrooms in August.  While some schools have released their social distancing plans, many others have not.  It seems likely that face masks will be required in most public areas throughout the remainder of the year. As in-person events start opening up, we encourage you to come and see us for your free UMTRC facemask!  Here’s a sneak peek:

With the UMTRC’s July 2020 conference, we had really hoped to see everyone in person, but too many of our partner organizations have travel bans in place through September or beyond.  We hope that you and your families are staying healthy and encourage you to register for our virtual conference.  You will soon see promotional information about the speakers and their breakout sessions.  This year, speakers have been asked to provide information on a new COVID hobby, a new COVID recipe, and what they are binge watching on Netflix.  During the conference, we will be encouraging attendees to participate by answering this same questions as well.  So get ready to #newCOVIDhobby, #newCOVIDrecipe, #bingeCOVIDNetflix, and #tweetyourseat for #UMTRC2020!

We started with 400 scholarships for the conference – 100 for each of the states in our region.  These scholarships are going fast, so be sure to register soon!  The full agenda is posted on the UMTRC website and registration is still open!

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If you are already registered for the event, THANK YOU! We invite you to visit the conference homepage here: https://eventmobi.com/umtrc2020/

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this page as there are so many tools for you to use that will make your conference experience both educational and fun! Update your profile, set your personal conference schedule, connect with other attendees and exhibitors, post a message in the activity feed, and more! 

CCHP’s Newsletter Reports on Senate HELP Committee

Will COVID-19 Telehealth Policy Changes Become Permanent?

As the COVID-19 pandemic has dragged on over the last several weeks, the million-dollar question for many in the healthcare industry is:  What will be the fate of the temporary telehealth expansions in Medicare after the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) ends?  This was exactly the question that underlined the Senate Committee hearing last week titled,Telehealth: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.”  Members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee heard from four witnesses on the topic including: 

Karen Rheuban, M.D. - University of Virginia
Joseph Kvedar, M.D. – American Telemedicine Association
Sanjeev Arora, M.D. – University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
Andrea Willis, M.D. – BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Witnesses spoke of the importance of telehealth throughout the pandemic and its ability to deliver healthcare effectively and efficiently even prior to the PHE.  They also spoke of patient’s broad acceptance of virtual visits and remote patient monitoring and warned of the potential for patients to lose their access to healthcare if the telehealth expansions are not made permanent.  There are 31 temporary federal policy changes that have occurred related to telehealth since the PHE was declared.  As a reference, the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP) has prepared a chart of the most significant federal telehealth COVID-19 emergency actions, and provided their corresponding expiration date and description of needed policy change to make permanent.  


Upcoming Webinars

NCTRC Webinar - Digital Marketing Best Practices for Direct to Consumer Telehealth
July 16, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time

Presented by: Felicia Williams
Hosted by: South Central Telehealth Resource Center

As healthcare providers have been forced to transition to exclusively digital
interactions with patients throughout their care journey, how can your organization
meet and exceed consumer expectations for their telehealth experience? This session
will provide considerations.


UMTRC Stakeholder Calls

As part of our outreach efforts, the UMTRC has hosted virtual stakeholder calls with each state in our region every 4th month for the last several years.  Beginning in 2020, these calls will be hosted quarterly and will include all states (IL, IN, MI, and OH).  

Here is the 2020 stakeholder call schedule: 

July 22nd, from 2-3pm Eastern 

October 21st, from 2-3pm Eastern


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