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Reimbursement at a Glance

Telehealth reimbursement remains the most popular topic of technical assistance for the UMTRC. We have compiled some of the most requested reimbursement information for our region in this one fact sheet.

Rural Health Clinic Fact Sheet

The Rural Health Clinic Services Act of 1977 (Public Law 95-210) was enacted to address an inadequate supply of physicians serving Medicare patients in rural areas and to increase the use of non-physician practitioners such as nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) in rural areas. RHCs are paid an all-inclusive rate (AIR) for medically-necessary primary health services and qualified preventive health services furnished by a RHC practitioner.

UMTRC Illinois Telehealth Reimbursement Summary

This reimbursement summary contains information on state specific definitions for telemedicine/telehealth, and information on Medicaid reimbursement for the state of Illinois, as well as links to the state Medicaid Reimbursement Fee Schedule.