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UMTRC Indiana Stakeholder Meeting: February 2019

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 1:00pm Central / 2:00 Eastern - 2:00pm Central / 3:00pm Eastern

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UMTRC 2019 Conference

Indiana Hospital Association


The mission of the Indiana Hospital Association is to provide leadership, representation, and services in the common best interests of its members as they promote the improvement of community health status.

The Association will carry out this mission by pursuing the following activities:

1) Represent the collective interests of members in matters of public policy.

2) Represent the interests of members in the legislative and regulatory arenas.

3) Act as a central voice and advocate for members to the public in order to foster a better understanding of members in the community and to represent their interests

4) Provide liaison with the business community to foster a better understanding of members and health care issues to represent the interests of members.

5) Provide liaison with AHA and other health care organizations to foster communication and cooperation and to represent the interests of members.

6) Promote adequate financing for health from public and private sources.

7) Provide education programs to meet the identified needs of members.

8) Collect, analyze, and distribute data necessary for effective representation for members to outside constituents and to improve the health status of the communities they serve.

9) Provide forums to share ideas and information and take united action to solve health care problems.

10) Serve as a resource and clearinghouse for information on issues, activities, programs, and events of interest to members.

11) Foster effective interaction among hospital trustees, hospital management, and physicians on issues affecting the delivery of care.

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