Indiana Primary Health Care Association


Organized in 1982, IPHCA advocates for quality health care for Indiana residents and supports the development of community-oriented primary care initiatives (including Community Health Centers, or CHCs) that are:

  • Affordable (based on income),
  • Available (services delivered when needed),
  • Accessible (services delivered where needed),
  • Appropriate (emphasizing continuous, comprehensive, prevention-oriented primary care), and
  • Acceptable (to everyone residing in the community regardless of cultural heritage, financial status, or personal circumstances).

Included in IPHCA’s comprehensive definition of primary care are medical, dental, and behavioral health services. IPHCA has a diverse membership that includes CHCs, interested individuals, and organizations that support IPHCA's important mission.

State-based Primary Care Associations exist in every state and U.S. territory. IPHCA receives funding from a number of sources, including the Health Resources and Services Administration's Bureau of Primary Health Care (part of the US Department of Health and Human Services) to monitor and advocate for access to primary care services throughout Indiana and to provide technical assistance to Federally Qualified Health Centers in the state.

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