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Telehealth: Health care from the safety of our homes.

During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, we don’t have to choose between medical care and social distancing. When patients can get health care through telehealth — and doctors can provide it — we protect ourselves and our communities.

Published Thursday, April 23, 2020
For providers
Get information to help you integrate telehealth, get up to speed on recent COVID-19 related policies, and learn what patients will need to use telehealth.
  •  Getting started with telehealth
  •  Policy changes during COVID-19
  •  Planning your telehealth workflow

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For patients
Find out what telehealth is, what you’ll need (not much!), and what to expect from a visit. You can also check out our tips on finding telehealth options.
  •  Understanding telehealth
  •  Telehealth during COVID-19
  •  Finding telehealth options

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