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As the Country Reopens Safety Concerns Rise

Consumers not headed back to physician offices anytime soon; despite that, telehealth use grows unequally by age, income, and gender

Published Thursday, May 28, 2020
by Sage Growth/Blackbook Research

The third COVID-19 Black Book Market Research/ Sage Growth Partners (SGP) survey of U.S. consumers, conducted from April 28 to 29, repeated questions found in the first two surveys and added a number of questions that helped us explore new areas of interest. The 591 consumers who responded continue to feel anxious, though levels have dipped down slightly to those seen in March. However, these fears are keeping people away from their doctors’ offices and hospitals as they delay and avoid care for chronic conditions, illnesses, and injuries because of concern about potential exposure to COVID-19. This hesitancy to seek care at brick and mortar facilities is driving increased demand for telehealth services. Our findings also brought to light differences in attitude about telehealth based on the respondent’s age, gender, and income level, which raises interesting questions about whether those who will most benefit from telehealth will actually be willing and able to adopt virtual care.


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