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State of Illinois Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reponse: Regional Phase Dashboard; updated daily 

Aug. 3rd, 2020

Regional Phase Dashboard


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For detailed metrics of the phase progression per region please see the DPH Restore Illinois page.


Illinois Department of Public Health


Restore Illinois - Plan (PDF) A Public Health Approach To Safely Reopen Our State

View all Executive Orders related to COVID-19 Illinois Here

(IDPH) Illinois Department of Public Health - Daily COVID-19 Press Releases 

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services has posted a new Provider Notice regarding Temporary PASRR and DON Screening Changes during COVID-19 Pandemic; Provider notices and bulletins contain pertinent information for participating providers for medical services provided or for claims submitted for reimbursement - Updated March 30, 2020        

Provider Notice Issued 03/20/2020: Provider notice allowing screenings to be conducted telephonically.

Expansion of Telehealth Services- Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services: Illinois 1135  Request to Address COVID-19 March 20, 2020


ILLINOIS Executive Orders from

Executive Order Number 45

CANNABIS LICENSES - Suspends the requirement that by July 1, 2020, the Illinois Department of Agriculture must issue up to 40 Craft Grower Licenses, up to 40 Infuser Licenses, and issue Transporting Organization Licenses.

Executive Order 2020-45 (HTML)   

Executive Order Number 44

REISSUES EXECUTIVE ORDERS — Reissues most executive orders, extending a majority of the provisions through July 26, 2020. Amends a few previous executive orders, such as EO-2020-07, in-person meeting requirements, and EO 2020-40, the resumption of limited in-person instruction at schools.

Executive Order 2020-44 (HTML)  

Executive Order Number 43

PHASE FOUR REOPENING — The community revitalization phase safely resumes and expands activities that were paused or limited as COVID-19 cases rose exponentially. Outlines requirements for various businesses and industries. Individuals must continue to practice social distancing and wear a face covering in public places or when working. This supersedes EO 2020-38

Executive Order 2020-43 (HTML)  

Executive Order Number 42

STATE FAIRS - Cancels the State Fairs in Springfield and DuQuoin scheduled for 2020, to protect the health and safety of fairgoers, entertainers, competitors, vendors, employees, and those living in the surrounding areas.

Executive Order 2020-42 (HTML) 

Executive Order Number 41

SPORTS WAGERING - Suspends requiring an in-person creation of a sports wagering account, in order to participate in sports wagering offered over the internet or through a mobile application.

Executive Order 2020-41 (HTML)   

Executive Order Number 40

LIMITED REOPENING OF SCHOOLS — All public and nonpublic schools in Illinois serving pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students may open for limited in-person educational purposes, such as summer school, after the regular 2019-2020 school term. Schools must follow IDPH guidance and all schools may continue to provide food and other non-educational services.

Executive Order 2020-40 (HTML)   

Executive Order Number 39

REISSUES EXECUTIVE ORDERS — Reissues Executive Orders 2020-03 through 2020-37, extending most provisions through June 27, 2020.

Executive Order 2020-39 (HTML)  

Executive Order Number 38

PHASE THREE REOPENING — Safely and conscientiously resumes activities that were paused due to COVID-19. Outlines public health requirements for individuals, businesses, retail stores, manufacturers, office buildings, restaurants and bars, gyms, personal service facilities, youth sports, and public amusement. Does not limit the free exercise of religion, and indoor services must not exceed more than 10 people. Individuals must continue to practice social distancing, maintaining at least a six-foot distance, and wear a face covering in public places or when working.

Executive Order 2020-38 (HTML)

Executive Order Number 37

REVISES ELECTIVE SURGERIES — Defines and renders assistance in support of the State’s response to hospitals, health care facilities, health care professionals, and health care volunteers. Those that continue to cancel or postpone all elective surgeries or procedures, or begin elective surgeries on or after May 11th, in order to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak shall be immune from civil liability for any alleged injury or death relating to COVID-19.

Executive Order 2020-37 (HTML)

Executive Order Number 36

MARRIAGE LICENSES — To obtain a marriage license, couples may appear before the county clerk and conduct a marriage ceremony using two-way audio-video communication technology, if certain conditions are met. Suspends the requirement that a fully executed marriage license must be submitted to the county clerk within 10 days. Suspends the requirement that a marriage license becomes effective one day after the date of issuance.

Executive Order 2020-36 (HTML)  

Executive Order Number 35

SUSPENDS VARIOUS PROVISIONS — Suspends provisions in the Assisted Living and Shared Housing Act, the Nursing Home Care Act and the Community Care Act. For example, suspends IDPH conducting an on-site review at each facility annually. IDPH will continue to conduct on-site reviews to the extent feasible. Suspends provisions regarding pest control, milk production, mobile homes, body piercing and speech language pathology.

Executive Order 2020-35 (HTML)  

Executive Order Number 34

CANNABIS REQUIREMENTS — Suspends the requirement that IDFPR issue up to 75 Conditional Adult Use Dispensing Organization Licenses before May 1, 2020. Suspends certain requirements, including the need for an adult use cannabis dispensing organization agent to obtain an agent identification card from IDFPR prior to beginning work at a dispensary and the need for a medical or adult use cannabis dispensing organization agent to keep an agent identification card visible at all times when in the dispensary.

Executive Order 2020-34 (HTML)  

Executive Order Number 33

REISSUES EXECUTIVE ORDERS — Reissues Executive Orders 2020-03 through 2020-31, extending most provisions through May 29, 2020.

Executive Order 2020-33 (HTML) 

Executive Order Number 32

Executive Order 2020-32 (HTML)  April 30, 2020 NEW STAY AT HOME ORDER— This new order allows Illinoisans to leave their home for essential activities, including for health and safety, for necessary supplies and services, for outdoor activity, for certain types of work, to take care of others, and to engage in the free exercise of religion, but otherwise requires them to stay at home or their place of residence to prevent spread of COVID-19. Individuals are required to wear a face covering in public places when they are unable to maintain a six-foot social distance, such as in stores. Defines essential businesses and operations. Non-essential retail stores may fulfill online and telephonic orders through pick-up outside the store or delivery.

Executive Order Number 9

Executive Order 2020-09 (HTML) March 19, 2020- TELEHEALTH — All health insurers regulated by the Department of Insurance are required to cover telehealth services and reimburse providers at the same rate as in-person visits and are prohibited from imposing any cost-sharing for in-network providers. – During the COVID-19 emergency, requires health insurers to cover the costs of telehealth services rendered by in-network providers that are clinically appropriate and medically necessary.  The insurance companies can establish reasonable requirement and parameters for telehealth services. (Status: 3/19 Filed with the Secretary of State