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  • New stage reached in Ohio coronavirus fight

Ohio is entering a new phase in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Mike DeWine announced Tuesday.

Using medically-trained Ohio National Guard members, testing for coronavirus will increase at nursing homes in the state, he said in his televised briefing and on Twitter.

"All staff in all Ohio nursing facilities will be tested," DeWine said. "This will help nursing home administrators understand the status of the virus in their facilities and will help isolate the virus and help keep it from infecting their community."

In addition, medically-trained members of the Ohio National Guard will be at Ohio's eight developmental centers this week to test residents and their staff, DeWine announced.

"By getting a clear picture of the COVID-19 situation on these facilities, we can help prevent the spread," he said.

DeWine encouraged Ohioans to wear masks, saying it is not a political issue such as liberal versus conservative but about about protecting each other.

"It's as old as scripture," DeWine said. "It's love your neighbor."

The Ohio Department of Health updated its coronavirus data on Tuesday showing 33,006 total cases, 2,002 deaths and 5,511 hospitalizations.

In all, 15 cases and no deaths have been reported in Shelby since March 31.

Three deaths are reported overall in Richland County.



May 1, 2020 Governor DeWine Announces Details of Ohio's Responsible RestartOhio Plan

The plan calls for some efforts to begin May 1 and others be added throughout the month.

These are the guiding principals for our #ResponsibleRestartOhio.

DeWine Extends Ohio Stay-At-Home Order

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The Ohio Council Insight Newsletter Released 3/30/20 - Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family Services Providers  COVID-19 SPECIAL EDITION - March 2020 Due to the current pandemic crisis and the overwhelming amount of information, the March 2020 Ohio Council Insight has been developed to be a one-stop resource for all COVID-19 related information as of the end of March. COVID-19 State Orders and Guidance


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