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Telehealth Resources at Your Fingertips


Patient Resources


We provide seniors and low-income communities with devices, instructions, and free tech-support to connect them to their physicians via TeleHealth, friends and family using digital connectivity, and wellness tools via apps.

History of Telehealth

"This factsheet gives an overview of the history of telehealth, helping patients to understand how telehealth and telemedicine has gotten to where it is today."

Telebehavioral Health

“This resource explains what Telebehavioral Health is and how it benefits its patient users and the mental health industry, as well as how it has been utilized during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Telehealth Workflow

This is a swimming flowchart that displays the general workflow of telehealth interactions between patients, providers and other healthcare workers involved.

By The Numbers

This UMTRC Factsheet provides a general overview of statistical data concerning telehealth, Medicare usage and financial numbers.