• Top 5 Ways Telehealth Will Change Under the New Federal Funding Bill

    >Posted by: Thomas B. Ferrante & Nathaniel M. Lacktman  | February 16, 2018

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  • Telemedicine: The value beyond reimbursement

    >Posted by: Dave Skibinski  | February 11, 2018

    As telemedicine continues to play an ever-greater role in health care delivery, it is increasingly important that health systems and providers develop a strategy for implementing a telemedicine solution that can lead to scalable and sustainable growth.

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  • Medicaid Telehealth Reimbursement: Ask Permission or Beg Forgivenes

    >Posted by: Donald A. Graf  | January 4, 2018

    "...telehealth clinicians wanting to provide and bill for services delivered to Medicaid recipients should do their due diligence. That means being cautious not to use nationally published policy guides as the sole source of truth for determining what is covered."

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  • Study finds no difference in quality between telehealth, face-to-face communication

    >Posted by: Cara Livernois  | January 3, 2018

    Web-based doctor-patient interactions showed no difference in quality when compared to face-to-face communication, according to a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

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  • FCC ends net neutrality in partisan 3-2 vote, fueling outrage

    >Posted by: Jessica Davis  | December 14, 2017

    via Healthcare IT News: "The landmark decision, according to Chairman Ajit Pai, will promote competition among internet providers."

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  • Telemedicine Advocates Cry Foul Over FCC’s Net Neutrality Plan

    >Posted by: Eric Wickland  | December 13, 2017

    Via mHealth Intelligence: "Ending net neutrality rules would force healthcare providers to choose between telemedicine and profits, some experts say. Others feel it would stifle telehealth expansion into underserved areas."

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  • Updated State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies

    >Posted by:  | November 14, 2017

    The Center for Connected Health Policy, the National Telehealth Policy Resource Center, has updated its report of the state telehealth laws and Medicaid program policies.

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  • Starke County School opens fifth Telehealth Center in State

    >Posted by: Jess Arnold  | September 14, 2017

    A small school corporation in Starke County is getting a big boost to its healthcare as Oregon-Davis cuts the ribbon on its new Telehealth Center—the fifth one in the state.

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    >Posted by: cara livernois  | August 18, 2017

    With healthcare costs expected to increase 5 percent in the next year, providers are looking for more effective ways to deliver care, including telehealth. According to the Large Employers’ 2018 Health Care Strategy and Plan Design Survey by the National Business Group on Health, 96 percent of employers are set to offer telehealth services.

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  • Flat-fee payment model bypasses traditional health insurance

    >Posted by: john russell, ibj  | August 4, 2017

    It’s been called the buffet approach to health care. And in Indiana, the buffet line could soon get longer if more doctors and patients are attracted to a membership plan picking up steam under a new law. For a flat monthly fee, usually $50 to $100, patients can go to their primary care doctors for an unlimited number of exams, basic lab tests, generic drugs and vaccinations, without dealing with any insurance claims or co-pays. The concept, called direct primary care, is meant to help patients and doctors spend more time together. Without dozens of insurance claims to file and follow up every day, physicians could cut administrative overhead, reduce costs and keep their practices limited to a few hundred patients, rather than a few thousand.

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